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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 14, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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third time in a week. what you can expect to see depends on where you live. kathy is breaking it all down next. >> your news starts in 30 seconds. ♪ developmenting right now, he left home wearing just his pajamas on the coldest night of the season. but happy ending. a local man found steps away from his own home.
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a community coming together helping a family who lost two little boys when a fire burned down their home tomorrow night we know how it started. now, fox 29 news at 10:00. live look at wilmington new castle county on another frigid night. as we take live look at old city, we're also preparing for another round of snow. my goodness. december in philadelphia. thank you for joining ugh at tepp coliseum lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. good news is, maybe, we're actually looking at a little bit of a warmup but that's a few days it way yet. so kathy when is that warmup coming? >> yeah. not soon enough, iain. right. that's what everybody is talking about. we have more cold and more snow to talk about. in the poconos they're loving it ready for the ski season with more snow on the way from mother nature. you can see ultimate doppler nothing going on right now but the clouds will be on the increase overnight and during the day tomorrow. temperatures mainly in the 20s the poconos at 11 but still we're seeing wind chills below zero it feels like one below in
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the poconos. 16 in pottstown. 19 in wilmington and only 23 in philadelphia. it doesn't take much wind to get this chill with cold temperatures. overnight mainly in the teens. 20 the overnight low in millville. nine in the poconos. 16 in allentown and waking up to 19 degrees in trenton tomorrow morning. so we have to talk about the snow. we have another system coming our way and by the noon hour, it's going to be over lancaster and taking over the region. there's a chance everyone could be seeing some of this snow with possibly the heaviest through south jersey and that is going to go through the afternoon. so coming up we'll talk about timing the snow updated snow accumulations as new information comes into the weather center. a cold end to the work week and when those temperatures will finally be on the rise. i'll be back with that with the seven day in just a few minutes. >> all right, kathy, thanks. happening now good news in the case of a missing man. police in upper darby say 75-year-old frank martinez has been found safe. his family frantic yesterday
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when he went missing in the freezing cold and didn't have a coat. police and family members fearing the worst searching everywhere. now there's ban happy reunion. shawnette wilson live in upper darby with the story that will make your heart happy. shawnette. >> reporter: we are all so overwhelmed. just with joy that this story ended well. francisco's family tells me he's okay right now he's at the hospital being check out because they say he was disoriented when searchers found him. >> sense of relief, um, i know throughout day the last couple of days it's been really hard, um, you know, not knowing where my father was. >> reporter: frank martin say says, jr. s grateful that his father 75-year-old francisco martinez was found this evening after he left his upper darby apartment and wandered off. francisco has dementia. >> when we found him in the building finally, um, it was just so -- just a sense of relief, you know, we're all happy. a lot of emotions involved. >> tears. >> reporter: family says upper darby police found him in
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another residence unit in the building where he lives on providence road. the resident is reportedly away for few days but the door wasn't locked. francisco was wearing only pajamas when he wanted off late tuesday night into early wednesday morning. frank believes his father thought he was returning to his own apartment. >> we just hug him. you know, just -- we're just so grateful that he was found. >> reporter: missing person flyers were posted all over the area. family feared fran kiss so was on the street in the frigid cold overnight. police searched nearby woods by foot and from the air. the family launched another search this afternoon when they got word from police that francisco had been found in a first floor apartment. he lives in basement level unit with his wife. his daughter-in-law says it's never happened before. >> it's a real eye opener for us too, because we -- we are aware of, upping, of the dementia, but then at the same time like what else can we do? >> francisco appears to be okay but was disoriented when they found him. >> he's alive.
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he's safe. >> reporter: and the family says they can't thank everyone enough. they're talking about first responders, strangers, even the media for being involved in the search and for us getting the word out. again he's doing okay. he's in the hospital tonight just for observation. the family also says that the alzheimer's association has reached out to them to offer hopefully some assistance moving forward. iain? >> that is good news, shawnette thank you. unimaginable tragedy. a five rips through family's home in montgomery county killing two young boys. the fire marshals blame fire on an electrical failure of an extension cord plugged into a space heater. heart-breaking story right before the holidays but tonight that community is coming together to help that family. dave kinchen joins us live in schwenksville where where a crowd of people came out in support tonight, dave. >> reporter: absolutely this tight knit community is still trying to understand this absolutely devastating event that happened. these two young lives lost and the family forever changed but
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while they're trying to put all that together and figure it out, people are coming together letting them know they're not forgotten. came with gift cards and other donations in hand. all to felt lukens family of schwenksville, help is on the way. >> i think there's this point where when there's such a tragedy you want to find way to connect. you want to find a way to do something meaningful, and so being here is just like so fulfilling. >> reporter: regina neighbor of mount county sheriff deputy brian lukens who tragically lost his sons 11-year-old brian, jr., and six-year-old parker in a devastating house fire early wednesday morning. >> it's shocking. it was so surprising. it was so fast. >> reporter: from neighbors to total strangers. crowds steadily fill the old schwenksville fire company headquarters to take part. >> hoping that we can collect enough now to physically hand it to them and say, get what you need. take care of what you need. >> every year now what's
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christmas going to be for them? you know. it's not fair. we're going to do as much as we can to lift them up. >> the adults collect the proceeds, children write messages of love and sympathy on cards for nine-year-old sophia the only surviving child of brian and tracy lukens. >> how you deal with something like this, i don't know. i don't know. there are no words. there's no words. this is how we're showing it. >> reporter: organizers say they wanted to something right away. all the while ready to provide additional help that may be needed down the road. >> six months from now they're going to need us as community. a year from now, they're going to need us as community. and we can't change it but hopefully we can lift their spirits enough to, you know, keep them going. >> reporter: ton night organizers say they raised about $10,000 for the lukens family. but they'll be right back here at the old schwenksville fire company offices tomorrow from 6:00 to 9:00 o'clock to raise
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more money and they say they will have grief counselors on hand for anyone still coping with this tragedy. back to you. >> invaluable resource right there. thank you dave. two cousins accused of killing and burying four men on a bucks county farm say they are not guilty. they made that plea today and so now the case it go toes trial. and the death penalty is on the table for cosmo dinardo and sean kratz. fox 29's jeff cole is at the bucks county courthouse in doylestown. >> reporter: in court today, cosmo dinardo saw his family and the family of the four young men he's alleged to have killed. it was an arraignment and it was expected that he would plead not guilty but he has admitted to these killings and he must stick to his story or the da says he'll seek the death penalty. cosmo dinardo was walked to a sheriff's vehicle thursday for his ride to court where he would face murder charges. the threat of the death penalty now back in play not harsh enough says park potash.
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>> i feel like the death penalty is good for him. i'd like to see him spend very long time in prison with no hope of getting out. >> reporter: potash is the father of mark sturgis one of four young men dinardo was accused of slaying in his dad's bucks county field in july. also, in court dinardo's 20-year-old cousin sean kratz accused of in three of the killings. he plead not guilty and faces the threat of the death penalty. dinardo, 20, has admitted to the killings but must stick to his story up to a trial date to keep the district attorney from seeking the ultimate penalty. >> if we uncover additional evidence or if he wishes to go to trial, that's his prerogative we'll be prepared and we will then at that time seek the death penalties. >> reporter: the families of the victims fill the court their attorneys by their sides likely to sue the dinardo family. >> today we saw two men in the courtroom in prison garb who were cowards, who destroyed the lives of many families.
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>> reporter: dinardo loss' lawyer denied comment. >> do you think the death penalty was fair to put back on the table, frank. >> reporter: dinardo glanced another his weeping sister in court and winged at his parents. mark potash remembered his son. >> it was an exceptional athlete, great musician, hard worker. trustworthy, dedicated. it goes on. >> reporter: the district attorney says he will keep his word, keep his pledge not to seek the death penalty as long as cosmo dinardo keeps his. in doylestown, i'm jeff, fox 29 news. amazon alexa can answer your questions, place orders and turn on your lights alexa answer to one of our own left his mouth a gape and his hands covering the ears of his little girls. chris o'connell i cannot believe what alexa said. >> reporter: yeah. it's one of hottest holiday gifts out this year, lucy. if you don't know, amazon's personal assistant called echo.
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here's how it works. alexa, what time is it? >> the time is 10:11 p.m. >> reporter: you may know her know she's got quite the potty mouth. ask alexa anything. >> alexa how many days until christmas? >> there are 11 days until christmas day. >> reporter: she'll give you an answer. but ask amazon's voice active indicated personal assistant to play game you just may get an r rated response. >> fire at 82. >> you already tried those coordinates. that's a misreport report that's exactly what my twin seven-year-old daughters heard when playing amazon audio battleship game. a wrong answer, alexa calls you -- >> dumb ass. >> wow! >> oh, my god. >> many parents were just as shocked as i was. >> unbelievable. oh, my goodness. >> totally inappropriate. >> you think?
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>> i mean totally inappropriate. >> reporter: apparently amazon thought so, too. within minutes, the company responded to my tweet. they told me they were investigating the game's glitch. they say came from a third party game developer. >> that's not no joke. they shall not play like that. that's wrong. >> that's teaching your kids how to curse. that's what it teaching them. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: amazon tells us it's the first they've heard of the problem within a dave our complaint, the game was pulled from amazon's game store. >> definitely don't want my son having a device that's cursing at him. enough of that going on. >> reporter: turn off lex is a. >> turn off the alexa, definitely. >> reporter: and today we again heard back from amazon who gave us this statement in part it says "the issue has been resolved and thanks to your feedback millions of users including yourself can continue to enjoy interactions for many years to come". >> now, amazon has not said how
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that glitch got into the echo or if any disciplinary action was taken against the developer and we did check for good measure. the glitch has been fixed, lucy. >> well that is good to know. the reaction of the people on the streets was priceless. >> exactly. >> me, too. >> i know. all right. thanks, chris. how now brown cow this is stormy the cow the star of a local nativity scene but sean having it so she made a break for it not once but twice. now there's a new leading lady for the holidays. her story is straight ahead. also, omarosa is the white house situation room. she said it happened but that's not all. the d.c. drama she says made her feel
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♪ >> this is something you don't see every day. even in philly. a cow escapes from a living nativity in old city. not once but twice. the first time she end up on i-95 during rush hour. now, everyone wants to know how she managed to keep getting out. our shawnette wilson has the story. >> reporter: meet stormy, seven and a half years old, and part of the live nativity at a church in old city. >> nothing really faces her. >> reporter: apparently not. >> i got a call at 4am saying she was out and got down here as quickly as i can. >> we think we're not sure someone let her out. >> reporter: michael caine at the pastor at the church. >> it's me without a halter, um, trying to razzle a cow that kind of is 1100 pounds and strong. >> reporter: the middle of the night and there's stormy near ramp to i-95. officers responded. they led stormy by rope back to the church. >> she's doing great.
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she's fine. she's laying there chewing her can you do. she's just being hanging out being a cow. >> reporter: not so fast. stormy somehow broke loose again around sick am. >> she went towards the wyndham. i said let's get her in the parking garage and we've been walking her slowly up. she was contain. >> reporter: that's right. stormy was coralled this time at the wyndham hotel parking lot. >> being walked down. do you see it? >> reporter: back to the manger stormy goes. all that attention on tv brought out protesters. >> stormy has a voice. i mean, we saw stormy express herself. she got up, she escaped twice. she showed the world that she is not happy living in confinement. there's nothing even christ like about what these animals are doing here in this manger and how they're being exploited. >> well tonight stormy is back at a local farm but another cow is in her name her name is ginger. you can check her out at the old first united church of christ. north philadelphia temple
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university says racist flyers found around campus. flyers so offensive we're not showing them to you. the university has issued a statement. it says, this type of racist language is not acceptable in the community and it's hosting programs for people to talk about their concerns. temple police of course are investigating. former white house aid omarosa is segment the record straight on her decision to leave the white house. the out-going white house staff denies reports the administration fired her. she says she left on her own terms. she acted as director of communications for the office of public liaison but her status in the administration came into question when chief of staff john kelly took over in july. today she talk on good morning america insisting those reports are also false. >> i resigned, um, and i didn't do that in the residence as being reported. john kelly and i sat down in the situation room which is a very secure, very quiet room in the white house, and we had a very
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candid conversation, and i wanted to make the one-year mark, that was oneof the goals that i set out to, and then get back to my life. >> new man says certain things did make her uncomfortable and that she'll talk more about those on her last day on januar. >> fcc voted to end net neutrality. what is it and how does it affect you. here's the 41 weren't and why what just happened is so very controversial. net neutrality is history. the fcc has voted to scrap the obama err are a regulation. so why should you care? well, now your internet service provider can control the speed of the content you're watching. whatever your streaming. the new system let's those companies slow down stuff from rival firms or block them altogether if they so desire. critics say it's a slippery slope that could let internet providers charge more for access
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to the worldwide web effectively sense sewering the internet. >> i am among the millions outraged. outraged because the ncc pulls its oath abdicating responsibility to protect the nation's broad band consumers. >> the chairman claims net neutrality needed to go it stunted online invest many and prevented companies from innovating. >> it is not the job of the government to be in the business of picking winners and losers in the internet economy. we should have a level playing field. >> the white house supports the new rules companies like netflix, amazon and other content providers claim you may end up paying more to keep their services streaming. in fact, president trump's favorite way to communicate twitter is vehemently opposed to the fcc's decision. it's public policy team tweeting, the fcc's vote to gut net neutrality rules is a body blow to innovation and free expression. we will continue our fight to defense the open internet and
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reverse this misguided decision. congressional democrats are also strongly criticizing the fcc vowing to keep the issue alive through next year's mid term elections. >> young people know what this means. this is about democracy on the internet. >> comcast executive director has released a statement saying today's ruling opens and does not mark the end of the internet as we know it. but herald as new era of light regulation that will benefit consumers. meanwhile new york's attorney general is he he'll let he lead a multi state lawsuit to stomp down today's ruling. >> former homeland secretary tom ridge out of the hospital. ridge is finally back at his maryland home after leaving a texas rehabilitation center. the 72-year-old was in the hospital and in that rehabilitation center for almost a month after having a heart attack while attending a republican governor's association conference in austin, texas. ♪ still ahead, washington,
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d.c. minds blown over a wawa. yeah. a wawa. and their wawa has stuff on the menu you can't get here. really? >> ♪ happy holidays or merry christmas? >> it's your old p buddy hank. i'm buying a christmas tree out in delaware county. oh, my heaven, there's a new poll out. is christmas over? hang's take coming up.
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>> it may seem like a good idea even suite to get a puppy or kitten for christmas but animal advocates will tell you pets are way more than gifts. they are living beings that are lifetime commitments. >> local shelter wants you think twice before giving a pet as present for the holidays. our bill anderson has more. >> hello. >> reporter: less than two weeks left until christmas, many of us are still looking for that special meaningful gift and no doubt some of us will settle on this. >> get it. >> reporter: bring home a forever friend can be amazing decision. but it also creates an interesting question. especially if you go to shelter. >> about this time of the year people go out and they buy things because maybe it's on sale or whatever but animals are a different thing. >> reporter: along with being the director of gloucester county animal shelter, bill lombardi is an animal lover. each year they're faced with the question, how do you get people to understand that these aren't just cute gifts.
10:25 pm
they're lifetime commitments? >> a lot of people think that it's like a present or something that they're giving to their family. it's not a present. i mean, it's a living creature that needs attention. >> reporter: as we walk through and met all the dogs and cats, bill made it clear that his goal every day is to find them homes, but years ago they determined that the holiday season stress is too much. so they star add policy of not allowing adoptions the week leading up to christmas. >> as the close of the 19th we'll stop releasing animals to a resident. we'll adopt it and tag the animal. if it's adopted then they can come after the holiday to actu actually retrieve their animal. >> reporter: different shelters handle holiday adoptions in different ways but gloucester county just feels like we need to remember that these new family members require attention that many can't give during the hectic holiday seas season. >> we thought that if we do this and we hold off that the animal will be given attention it really needs when it's adopted. >> reporter: there are other shelters that allow later
10:26 pm
christmas adoptions. you're another difficulties and you can make adult decisions. they want to you remember the puppy or kitten that's your responsibility in 2017 will likely be your responsibility of christmas 2027. bring a forever friend home for christmas if you do consider bringing home one of the many rescue animals that need a home. bill asks that we make sure we're making a commit many and not an impulse decision for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. you're changing christmas and not just because say happy holidays. americans are losing their christmas spirit for real, yo. and there's proof. ♪ spread some cheer with a dozen dunkin' donuts for $6.99. 12 tasty treats with with holiday flavors sprinkled in.
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this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit ♪ think of your fellow man, ♪ lend him a helping hand, ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ you'll see it's getting late, oh please don't hesitate...♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart. (vo) going on now, our subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million dollars to those in need.
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♪ it's been described as a demand that owners of those s so-called beer dell list remove the bullet proof glass that separates them from customers but the legislation passed by city council late today may turn
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out to be much more important than that. our bruce gordon has the story. >> reporter: the city council chamber was pack to overflowing with supporters and detractors of the beer deli crack down. store owners mostly asia asian-americans pleaded for the right to separate themselves from unruly customers with bullet proof glass. >> please allow us to keep the protection for ourselves. please keep my bullet proof glass. i don't want to be dead. >> reporter: critics of the stores blasted them as predatory places where vulnerable neighborhood residents are taken advantage of. >> nothing and i do mean nothing good has ever come out of their presence in our communities. >> if you want a restaurant, follow the restaurant rules. if you want a bar, follow the bar rules. [ applause ] >> reporter: legislation calls for tighter rules on seating, public restrooms and what can be sold at these stores.
10:31 pm
the original bill did in fact demand that bullet proof glass separating merchant from customer be removed. but amended the bill now merely says the city's department of licenses and inspections has three years to make rules for the use or removal of the barriers. city councilman david oh said if store owners are forced to rye move their protective glass -- >> what they will do is purchase firearms. i think that is a worse situation than what we have today. report roar the bill's sponsor cindy bass said her crack down was about much more than barriers that it's aimed at cleaning up bad business. >> this bill is for establishment that is sell beer and/or shots of liquor, cold medicine that can be converted into drugs to get high, crack pipes and other drug paraphernalia. they aren't dell list. they're places to buy products to get high. they're the modern day pusher report roar moments later council voted over women mingly
10:32 pm
for the crack down. implicit in bass' comments was the idea that dell list should actually sell food v adequate seating and working bathrooms. that businesses that operate responsibly may find they do not need barriers between them and their customers. we've got three years to find out if she's right. i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. lawmakers are trying to come up with compromise on the gop tax bill as senator marco rubio says not so fast. florida senator is pushing for more on the child tax credit in the current bill families that pay little or no income tax would get $1,100 per child. senator rubio wants to increase that to $2,000. a no vote would lead the republicans with little wiggle room to pass their first piece of major legislation. unless they can figure out a way to add to the 1100 figure, um, i won't support the bill. i want to support tax reform. it's important for the country but i think this needs to be part of it. >> right now the bill promises
10:33 pm
big cuts for corporations and higher earners. middle class and low income families would get smaller cuts. it would also drop the individual mandate in the affordable care act. meanwhile, president trump talked with russian president vladimir putin on the phone today about north korea. the kremlin says the two men talked u.s. russia ties and increasing tensions on the korean peninsula the call comes at vladimir putin defended president trump at a news conference and praised trump' achievements since taking office and again denied any involvement in the us presidential election. the massive thomas wildfire killed a firefighter. the first firefighter if a thai will the. san diego firefighter corey iverson died battling the flames. he leaves behind his pregnant wife and his two-year-old daughter. the thomas fire is fourth largest in california history. one of six major wildfires currently burning. it used to be the only numbers we talk about at christmas were 12 drummers
10:34 pm
drumming, five golden rings that partridge in pair tree. well enter the pollsters they're developing into all of our favorite christmas topics to see what americans think this holiday season but hank flynn says, those numbers can lie. ♪ most people aren't really -- it doesn't feel the same when i was younger. >> reporter: it's your old yule tide buddy hank i'm out in delaware county a new poll out of the monmouth university seems to question the popularity of christmas over the last few years. my take is, believe it, christmas is here to stay. long afternoon out christmas tree farm in chadds ford mike giffords not feeling it. >> people don't decorate as much and, you know, doesn't seem as festive report roar he's in the alone. apparently a poll out of monmouth university today says 5% fewer americans are celebrating christmas than they were just two years ago. what gives? i rung up monmouth poll boss patrick murray. >> there's a lot of pessimism right now in the public about
10:35 pm
just the way live is going. that they're not getting a they need out of the economy. those things could turn around and this idea that, you know, celebrate christmas could be part of overall malaise that's some people feel right now that could blow over. report roar i don't know. i'm a diehard i've been doing christmas my whole life it's in my dna. the dude selling trees in newtown square feel the same w way. >> nah it will never change. for those of us who love it we keep it going strong and proud just like the eagles. you know. you love them. that's it. >> reporter: bundling up that tree and loading it on customers car that's all part of the celebration. the monmouth poll also pointed out that democrats are more likely to say happy holidays than republicans who mainly stick to merry christmas. that's apparently what they're saying in west chester. >> around here most people say merry christmas but we do get a lot people they want to be correct, not offend anybody i guess and they say happy holidays report roar monmouth rated your famous christmas
10:36 pm
specials rudolph topped out over charlie brown christmas. year without santa claus starring the heat miser that came in ninth if you want to ask me that's the real disgrace. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ washington, d.c. minds blown over a wawa. yeah, a wawa. and their wawa has stuff on the menu you can't get here. really? a couple of people arguing on the side of road not far away a car singing into a lake. whoops. what do you think they were fighting about? ♪ sorry. i can't make it.
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it's just my eczema again,
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but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. eczema exposed. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more.
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it took an army in wisconsin to pull out a car out of lake michigan. the car took a swim after the driver abandoned it during yesterday's snowstorm. amazing video there. police say the first thing that tipped them off were people on the road arguing about driving too fast on the slippery roads. you think. because then they found the car in the water. crews had to wait until the weather conditions improved before they could haul it back on out. people in tampa getting a freehold day dinner after train collides with a semi carrying frozen meat. check it out. semi stalls on the train tracks
10:40 pm
when it was hit in lakeland yesterday morning. that's near orlando. the truck was carrying boxes of frozen meat and seafood from the colorado meat and seafood company when the company said they no longer wanted the food it became a free for all. almost a dozen people showing up to the scene and grabbing food for dinner. >> i got chicken, steak, roasts, fresh chicken wings for christmas. >> i got the meat. >> don't you worry the bag is open and it's contaminated? >> we got water. wash it out. >> police allowed these people to grab food for about an hour before they started cleaning up the mess. people in bdz washington, d.c. celebrating the opening of their first wawa. first ever wawa in dc cut the ribbon today with big smiles olea round. listen to this one. it's the biggest what in the chain. all the way in the heart of d.c. for people there, love at first sight. >> everything in one place. you know, we got a little bit of 7eleven. little bit of i was bon pain.
10:41 pm
little bit of starbucks it's great. >> they love it. the state of the art one of kind restaurant style location has floor to ceiling windows ex tear i don't know and interior sea seating. nitro cold brewed coffee do not tell chris o'connell about that. belt order salads. free air for bicyclists and big screens for social media and free wi-fi. >> wow. >> i know. >> looks like we'll have to go to d.c. media mega deal is bringing homer simpson to disneyworld. disney paying 52 and a half billion dollars to acquire entertainment international properties, regional sports networks from 21st century fo fox. of course, 21st century is the parent company of fox news and fox 29. both among the things fox will keep. disney ceo says this deal will bring you cutting edge technology and more compelling ways. >> kathy we got more snow on the way? >> oh, yeah, iain. we know you love it.
10:42 pm
>> don't i? >> that's why he's rejoicing. >> ultimate doppler shows quiet for now but not for long. lows in the teens tonight and more snow tomorrow. right in time for the com hey, man. oh! nice man cave! nacho? [ train whistle blows ] what?! -stop it! -mm-hmm. we've been saving a lot of money ever since we switched to progressive. this bar is legit. and now we get an even bigger discount from bundling home and auto. i can get used to this. it might take a minute. -swing and a miss! -slam dunk! touchdown! together: sports!
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touchdown! authorities say someone tried to set the gallery township headquarters on fire. someone tried to light a glass bottle there wasn't to bottle at the front doors and shattered in the lobby. police say it did not start a fire however. nobody is hurt. they are very much looking for the guy had through the bottle. holiday surprise for four families in south philadelphia. ben simmons sixers star treated them holiday spree at target. part of the a and wal season of giving. you can see the kids excited there loading up their carts with toys. they pick out things like star wars games, nerve guns even ps4. that's what's up, man way to spread the love. >> speaking of spreading the love iain world war ii veteran just got holiday surprise from stranger. fifty-dollar bill. 93-year-old george zen knee, sr. a world war ii veteran was in line at a publics in smyrna beach florida a woman walked over thanked for his service and gave him a hug and put something in his hasn't. he realized it was rolled up
10:46 pm
money and then it was 50 buck. he says it's the best christmas present he's ever receive. >> i rolled it up went back to the lady and said did you make mistake. that's too much money. she said no, i want you to have a merry christmas. >> family on mission to pass on their appreciation and let the woman know who good deed doesn't end there. speaking of good deeds police officers shawnee missouri took to the streets tonight to hand out money. they stopped people in stores even made a few traffic stops to deliver the cash. as you can imagine, folks they couldn't believe it. you see they're like what? the cops are hasn'ting out one hun doctor dollars to people and the back story is even more surprising. the money comes from anonymous donor who gave $10,000 to the police department and asked officers just to hasn't it all out at random. >> that's good stuff. so is this. star wars fans and that's lucy. >> yes. >> are out in force last jedi premieres tonight.
10:47 pm
why aren't through. >> i should be. >> i know you're going. my wife will be going soon too. >> excite many booming for what will be a blotter buster. some dressed up in costumes and camped the first star wars debued 40 years ago. the franchise continues to dominate pop culture. it includes mark hamil as luke skywalker and carrie fisher as princess lie ya. she finish filming before passing away last december. tonight's premier bringing out all sorts of tributes including a festive one. >> live look at wildwood another cold night we're looking at more snow. kathy's got your forecast in 152nd. >> in weather tonight we're talking about more cold and more
10:48 pm
snow. places are loving it in the poconos, grooming the mountain in the poconos blue mountain earlier this evening. temperature is 29 degrees. we're falling fast. the wind chill is 23. the wind out of the northwest at just 6 miles an hour. so wind not a huge factor for tonight or tomorrow morning. ultimate doppler all is quiet for now. but not for long. temperatures in the 20s. falling down into the teens in most areas. in the feel like reading in the 20s and teens right now the poconos really feeling the hurt. the cold. it feels like it's one below there with the wind and the. so as we go hour boy hour, we'll start the clock at 11:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. so the morning rush no problem. see the clouds rolling in. but after 11:00, we'll be seeing some snow beginning to form near lancaster and harrisburg. and then by noon, it begins to blossom into the afternoon and then moves through philadelphia and possibly lingers into the early evening commute by 6:00 o'clock it's in south jersey and exiting and during the evening it moves offshore. if you have plans tomorrow evening in philadelphia, for
10:49 pm
dinner perhaps, by the 7:00 o'clock hour, it looks like we're clearing out and we'll be cleaning up as well. not a lot of snow associated with this. about a coating to 2-inch in that darker blue area that's what we're talking about and elsewhere some light snow showers. so not a lot of snow but as we saw in the morning, it could create problems for that evening commute if it's falling obviously when everyone is trying to get home. overnight tonight, 16 in pottstown. 16 in allentown. nine in the poconos. 17 in reading and lancaster. 22 in wilmington and dover 23 degrees. during the day tomorrow, we'll be seeing increase in the cloud cover. the snow showers in the afternoon and they could linger a little bit longer. the high temperature going for 33 degrees. that's just about it. winds out of the southwest at five. so after that light snow, saturday we warm it up a little bit mostly sunny, 40. sunday afternoon rain shower. snow chance monday morning. and then partly sunny for your tuesday. chilly but dry for wednesday. thursday sunny and dry the
10:50 pm
temperature 42 degrees. little more snow coming our way. it doesn't look like big deal but take it slow. we'll have update at 11:00 o'clock. >> thank you, kathy. the flyers have been singing owe canada for the last two we week. but now it's time to take that success to the rest of the league. coming up, a look how the flyers have responded since that ten game winless streak and what's working for them now. do not go anywhere. ♪ >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. watch for the work crews to come on back after the snow day they had last night eastbound on the schuylkill expressway. they'll be working again through the overnight at 30th street. also working on the blue route, the southbound ramps to that eastbound schuylkill expressway and anything that didn't evaporate during the day is going to have potential to refreeze on the overnight and cause for slippery spots on the
10:51 pm
roads tomorrow and all the buses, trains and trollies could be slippery to start tomorrow morning as well. we'll kick it off and check the jam cams and the forecast when we meet you michael: i'm thankful that i'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers.
10:52 pm
but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit
10:53 pm
>> your nissan sports wrap on fox 29. the flyers have been great against teams from canada recently. seriously three-zero on their road trip up north beat toronto on tuesday but would they be
10:54 pm
able to keep this momentum up at home hosting buffalo tonight. first period flyers down one to nothing. travis sand heim the first goal of his nhl career. he'll safe that puck for sure. noirs knot it up at one. in the second period tied game. vorachek, yes, flyers take the two-one lead and that's going to be your final score. flyers have now won five straight games. eagles/giants coming up on sunday here on fox. since nick foles took over the starting quarterback duties for carson wentz nate sudfeld has moved into the backup spot he look like lot like nick foles trust me he's his own person. he was promote thed eagles practice squad earlier this season. he says he's ready to go if his number is call. he face timed with wentz yesterday and his fairs question may have been the most carson wentz thing every to ask. >> he was feeling loopy after the anesthesia. he was ordering a burger and talking about who knows what. he was trying to figure out some
10:55 pm
of our new plays we put in. the first question what's this new play i saw in the e-mail? you sure you want topping right now. it was pretty funny. >> he literally just had acl surgery he wants to know about the playbook. okay, carson. we've had bad day at work and jason kelce had us from frustrating day. he storm out of practice yelling and kick a trash can. he returned and gave us an explanation. kelce was cleated at practice today. you can see this one had to hurt. kelce says it's like quote hitting your thumb with a hammer and then throwing the hammer across the yard. we've all been there, though. >> very minimal damage long term but hurts like bleep in the moment. [ laughter ] >> i wash i had a good excuse or good reason but i don't. so, you know, little bit of a temper tantrum there for sure. >> we've got a jam packed day on sunday fox 29 "game day live" starts things off at ten am m. then at 1:00 eagles take on the
10:56 pm
giants and we'll wrap it all up on fox 29 post game report after the game. what can't joel embiid do. we can now check off the one handled backward half court shot. the guy is just showing off at practice now he really is something else. i mean i know it took a couple takes but like goodness. >> you know who good at those shots is markelle fultz did a lot of those at washington. the other thing i love about joel embiid he's the king of troll on social media. >> did you know i'm talking about that coming up at 11:00. >> are you? i didn't know that. >> what? >> he just roasted carl anthony towns last night. >> celebrate, celebrate. >> i love that. plus unbelievable. >> any way. >> i can't wait. till 11:00 o'clock. >> mother nature has been dishing out lot of stuff to us lately. >> yeah. the more i'm looking at the more i'm thinking this snow could linger tomorrow afternoon. ultimate doppler nothing going on right now it will develop into coastal low and looks like it could be strong enough to give everybody accumulating sn
10:57 pm
snow. >> okay. we'll talk more about that. >> all right. >> when does winter start? officially? >> i know. what's that going to be like. >> i'm just curious. >> this was just the appetizer. that's all this was. >> thanks for watching at 10:00. >> we're right back here at 11:00. don't you gottp://]
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10:59 pm
11:00 pm
>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. we begin at 11:00 with live look at fernwood in the pocono mountains. some prime skiing weather on the way here. as we take a live look at old city skiers and snowboarders will be happy. another round of snow most likely on our -- on the way. thanks for joining you at 11:00. i'm lucy noland. good thing here a little something for everyone. kathy has got our first look at the forecast. i guess not for people who love tropical weather. >> i was going to say. >> other than that. >> a little something. that's an under statement, right? let's look at the mountains the pocono mountains where they've gotten a good deal of snow over the past couple of week. yesterday we had about 3-inches and skiers are loving it. not much going on right now but the clouds will be on the increase tomorrow. 27 in philadelphia. nine in the poconos. 26 in -- 21 in millville. not much wind but when you add th


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